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Welcome to Ambition Learning Solutions

Ambition Learning Solutions Bridges the gap between Students & Corporate

We assist corporate by providing qualified human resources for their operation and expansion requirement. We train their existing staff to furnish them with the latest updates and techniques in their respective domains.



Certified Financial PlannerCM (CFPCM)

  • CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERCM (CFPCM) is a certification mark for Financial Planners conferred by the Financial Planning Standard Board India.
  • CFPCM is the highest credential offered in Financial Planning Globally.
  • Education is a fundamental requirement for achieving CFPCM certification.
  • CFPCM certification education requirements ensures the CFPCM professionals are familiar with broad knowledge, principles and theories needed to prepare for the professional practice of personal financial planning.
  • The CFPCM examinations are designated to assess your ability to apply Financial Planning knowledge to real life financial situations.
  • A Financial Planner is a professional who assesses the health of individual's personal finances, life goals and objectives.

Certified Credit Research AnalystTM (CCRATM)

  • The Certified Credit Research Analyst (CCRATM) is an comprehensive global education program designed to give a clear and expert level understanding of credit markets to fresh graduates and experienced professionals.
  • It will benefit all participants in the credit markets including research, rating, trading and strategy. It is set up as a specialized program after graduation with a strong practical focus.
  • The CCRATM training program was developed in 2013 to meet the demands of credit professionals in the upcoming fixed income space.
  • Association of International Wealth Management of India (AIWMI) is launching the CCRACM certification in Asia and will start offering the same around the world shortly.


  • CFA® Program is a professional credential offered by the CFA® Institute (formerly AIMR) to investment & financial professionals and students
  • The CFA® Program Certification has three different Levels and the minimum time required to clear all three is approximately 2 years
  • CFA® Program “Charter Holder Membership” requirements are 48 months of acceptable professional work experience and passing the Level I, Level II, and Level III exams

Financial Modeling

  • Who can Pursue this course:All the Undergraduates, Graduates(Non Finance and Finance Backgrounds), Those who are keen to make a career in Equity, Advisory, Broking etc.
  • Duration of the programme:Module I : 30 Hrs (6 days) of comprehensive training
    Module II : 20 Hrs (4 days) of comprehensive training


  • The experience at ambition learning solution was great!!! The teaching faculty was awesome and available all the time whenever we had any doubts. Also the notes provided were very useful for our reference!!! I would like to thank kirtan sir for all his help & guidance!!!

    — Shraddha Sakharkar

  • Ambition Learning is not only excellent but transparent too. It enables student to get success in examination as well as in real life also. Faculty members see the progress of individual as well as interact with student and instruct them. The whole set up is encouraging and beneficial for student.

    — Chetan Desai

  • Being the topper at University of Mumbai, the first batch of Bachelors of Financial Markets I would like to extend my gratitude to Kirtan Sir and Vishal Sir. Currently being associated with Ambition Learning Solutions as Assistant Manager- Business Development. I would like to thank Kirtan Sir for his contribution which has helped me to reach this pinnacle of life and the learning experience which is fun and amazing. Thank you once again.

    — Pratik Rambhia

  • My experience with Ambition Learning Solutions was gratifying as I was not only made to understand all the concepts of BFM subjects theoretically but also learnt its practical applicability. Would like to thank Kirtan Sir and entire team of Ambitions due to which i was able to secure good score for TYBFM. I am presently working with IndusInd Bank as Relationship Manager.

    — Meha Negandhi

  • Undoubtedly, Ambition Learning Solutions is the best training Institute for BFM. I have the privilege to be taught by professors like Kirtan Sir who helped in my academic progress, and have benefitted from this immensely from his excellent Training for derivatives and Portfolio Mgmt.  Right now I am working with Nomura. Really, the experience of studying in ALS was phenomenal.

    — Jahnvi Shah

  • Teaching methodology is unique and fruitful, adds value to my education. I have learned many new things about different Industries, which helped us to analyse the companies well. Faculties are awesome, they solve our queries in an efficient way and also helps us to gain a proper industry exposure.

    — Riddhi Bavishi

  • Teaching faculty is very good. Even the sessions are very much interesting as its related to practical world also. Every thing is being discussed in the lecture and even new things are being upgraded. Faculty is great infact, best. Teaching wise also its good, each and every doubt is being solved. We have great time & experience in the every lecture.

    — Devanshi Nanavati

  • The teaching method is very nice as in more concepts are cleared in class the knowledge level of a student is enhanced. The sessions are worthy as there is lot of practical approach which makes it much easier to understand concepts and upgrades students to par with the current market scenario. The faculties are well qualified which helps students to gain good knowledge from them and the quality of teaching is really above par which develops more interest in the subject.

    — Vaishali Chheda

  • Giving practical assignments is really great technique to teach. Love to discuss findings in class and getting feedback from the faculty. Knowledge is up-gradated for sure because I always come-up with bunch of doubts and almost all of them are well answered.

    — Jaimin Shah

  • Hie, Would like to heartily thank team Ambition for the best education provider helping me understand financial markets in the easiest way.The teaching methods used is the best and most comprehensive to understand.It has best FACULTY like no other education provider has.Especially Kirtan Sir.He is the best teacher to learn anything related to finance.I can bet on it that a non finance student can also understand any concept from him.Their online concepts which they have recently introduced is also made in such a creative way that a person will easily understand the concept.I had earlier enrolled with IMS PRO SCHOOL for cfp but discontinued due to bad faculty n their teaching methodology & then I joined ambition learning.N I realized nothing could be better than this education provider.It's the best. Wishing team ambition a lot of success in all sort of life.Cheers Team Ambition :D

    — Khushboo Shah

  • As we all know Education Institute is all about empowerment, encouragement and sharing our passion for the industry you work in.
    Ambition Learning is not only excellent but transparent too. It only did not help us in our academics but also to gaining practical knowledge about the financial markets.
    Specially gaining knowledge from experienced and talented professor like Kirtan Sir.
    It also has extremely knowledgeable, motivating, and engaging faculties.

    — Dhaval Goda

  • An Innovative approach to teaching made me interested in finance. Relevant you tube videos and an active facebook group complemented the classroom teaching. Everything was always taught with practical and real life examples with sensitized need to the current financial scenario. Both Kirtan sir and Mohammed sir were very knowledgeable and thorough with their subjects. They taught complex concepts with ease.

    — Urvi Rita

  • Regarding the teaching method... I would like to say that I found it to be quite friendly and helpful... doubt clearing was good... timings were also flexible.
    Regarding the practical content... I must say that this was the best part... a lot of useful info was provided about various topics by all faculty.... even if it was not connected directly to the syllabus.
    Regarding the quality of the faculty... they were all very competent and understanding... I have no issues there.

    — Sarit Panackal

  • Firstly i would really like to thank-you for helping me to complete my CFP course successfully.
    The Teaching Methodology used was convient as per students which helped for better understanding and even gave a clear understanding of concepts . The sessions were worthy because of not only the bookish knowledge was given but also the practical knowledge which is the utmost important in the today's world .
    Though the methodology used by all faculties was different ,but i could adjust myself to their teachings ,Also the faculties were friendly and interactive which helped to solve our problems regarding jobs other than studies.

    — Roshni Gandhi

  • Teaching methodology is good and it is as per the need of the program. Ambition imparts very good practical knowledge which is required for CCRA program apart from study material. Teaching methodology is awesome and sessions are more of interacting between lecturer and students. Teaching faculty is great and they bring an ample amount of knowledge from the industry with them.

    — Kalpesh Kawa

  • Greetings, I would like to tell you that i opted for this course with an intention to get required knowledge and expertise so that i can get a much needed breakthrough in one of the reputed credit rating agency. At the same time I knew I was gambling, as this was supposed to be the first batch not only for Team Ambition as well as for AIWMI & CCRA.
    Taking all this into consideration you guys have managed to draw good attention and pull this off very first batch quite decently. I believe this was possible due to your prior experience in conducting a number of other courses at various levels.
    All the faculty members work like one single unit and know their roles very well. The teaching faculty (Rajendra sir, Priyesh sir, Bunty sir and Anshul sir) is upto the mark, with experience of the same or similar field, all having their own style of teaching. I'm overall happy with the efforts these guys have taken for all of us but at the same time I would appreciate if the lecturer can make the classroom sessions a tad more meaningful & practical taking into consideration most of the students are pre-occupied throughout the week this left with very less time.
    I would like to add that video lectures by Kirtan sir & mock tests are good initiatives, keep up such good work. While a module wise or chapter wise mock test would help us as well team ambition identify how gauged are students.
    Thanks, looking forward  for constructive work towards the feedback.

    — Preetam Ghatalia

  • The teaching methodology at Ambition learning is very practical and easy to grasp. Priyesh sir's teaching style is just what is required for a course like CCRA. The focus is not only from the examination point of view but also on learning and value addition. The CCRA program is a golden investment for those who want to excel as Credit Research Analysts and the training provided by Ambition Learning is an icing on the cake. The quality of teaching is excellent with live cases/financials of companies given to us for analysis and discussion. The faculties being industry experts bring in whole lot of experience which cannot be provided by any books or notes. I am thoroughly enjoying pursuing this course and a special thanks to Ambition Learning for imparting quality training for this program.

    — Saquib Ziya

  • Teaching method is work oriented and very comprehensive which enables us to have a logical opinion to solve problems and cases. Truly appreciate the case study approach rather than the old fashioned theory learning. Quality of teaching is best in class with experienced faculties. Regular updates related to studies and other financial news is very useful to us in overall development.

    — Darshan Trivedi

  • Teaching Methodology is good and more based on practical basis rather than theory. Sessions are more of interacting between the students and faculties helping solve problems by giving practical examples. Teaching Quality is understandable and quality of faculties are knowledgeable & approachable.

    — Darshini Shekhar

  • Teaching Methodology at Ambition is superb. Various concepts that we learn are usually supported by very good examples. Sessions are more interactive/ discussion based rather than a monologue. Interesting Assignments related to subjects are also good part of teaching methodology. Sessions are worthy and the faculties always try to keep us updated about recent happenings in the field of finance and economics. During sessions faculties tries to explain us the concepts not only from books but also from a practical point of view. The quality of teaching is very good. The faculties are quite friendly and supportive.

    — Pratik Amare

  • Level 1 coaching in charniroad branch was overall fine. Still I feel there is a scope of improvement. Faculty was knowledgeable but was not able to execute properly. It is understanble since it was first time. The faculty in charniroad was very good and knowledgeable, But as mentioned earlier he use to take less effort on teaching , He took less efforts to take the things on black board. which will be easy to understand in comparison to just explaining to students by sitting on one place.

    — Rohit Jathan

  • I have recently cleared my CFP-RPEB Module, all thanks to AMBITION. The E-Learning Package of Ambition is one of its kind! Very informative,enriching, technically advanced and above all cost efficient & time saving! Lot of effort and thought has been put in the making of the videos, which is very much visible. It not only covers the syllabus but also simplifies concepts at our own flexibility of time. Kudos to Kirtan Shah & his team. Special mention to- Sneha Punmiya , Arpita Shah, Vishal Gada, Pratik Rambhia who have been very Co-operative esp. during doubt solving sessions. Hoping to clear rest of my CFP modules successfully with their continued support & guidance. Here’s wishing them All the very Best for the future. Lastly, I’d like to say, Its gotta be “AMBITION” only for CFP!
    -Financial Advisor & Planner

    — Forum Kapadia

  • Teaching method of ambition learning is really great. they are well know about current status of capital market and they provide there valuable knowledge through examples.....
    A Big Yes, every lecture is worth to attain as all the faculty member make d session interesting.. and ya practical knowledge upgradation esepically in investment and tax module help us alot to analysis current market affairs. Teaching is toh execellent... specially Kirtan sir and Pankaj Mathpal sir. And the staff of ambition learning is also very good as they provide all helpful material on time which are really important while appearing for exam.. And ya the time to time doubt solving sessions r also great.

    — Rushabh Chandan

  • The teaching methodology is good. All the required topics were covered during lectures. But the only thing is more practice should be given to solve the problems in EXCEL, as during lectures the problems were just solved on the calci so at times it becomes difficult to solve lengthy questions using calci. Hope my suggestions will be taken into consideration.

    — Apeksha Sawant

  • The teaching methodology of ambition classes is excellent, the proper in depth knowledge of the concepts of cfp is been teached and in a very easy to understand language , so that all types of students can grasp the concepts.
    The sessions provided by the classes were very useful as the knowledge which was given to us in this sessions are useful for understanding the different financial aspects, as well as the practical knowledge was upto the grade .
    The quality of teaching is awesome, and quality of teachers is also awesome as they are always ready to help us in solving any doubt and the way they teach by making the subject interesting shows how awesome the faculties are.

    — Siddharth Tamboli

  • Teaching Methodology is good.. Everyone gets personal attention.. There are extra doubt solving sessions which are helpful The faculties not only focuses on theory but also gives practical knowledge and gives various examples for a better understanding.
    The best part of Ambition is the faculties. All are qualified professional.. Some of the faculties like Kirtan Sir are always ready to help. He motivates each and every person who is a part of Ambition.

    — Sachin Sodan

  • Ambition Learning Solutions has been a great experience. The courses they teach are up to date and industry specific. The entire team has been great and supportive at all times. I would like to personally thank Kirtan sir and Vishal sir for their support and guidance they have given me during and after the course. I recommend everyone to join Ambition Learning Solutions for their financial training needs.

    — Suchit Shah

  • I would like to thank all the faculty members of Ambition Learning for their support and guidance which helped me to clear my all modules with ease. They present the matter in such a simplified manner which makes it easy to understand. The knowledge and experience which they share helps a lot to understand the subject in a much better way.

    — Rishi Thakkar

  • Being a student of CFPCM from Ambition was overall a Good experience. Had a great learning time. The two-day Financial planning Workshop, conducted by you people was awesome. I truly appreciate the concept of Fast track batches, it saves lot of time.

    — Neeraj Jain

  • Ambition learning solutions is the best education provider for finance. Kirtan sir, Pratik sir, Deepak sir and other faculties have the best knowledge and are very talented, not only they teach you theory related to subject but also gives you the practical knowledge with the real time examples about the current situations prevailing in today's markets. Subject taught by them are really very easy to understand. Ambitions FB page which updates you about the daily news headlines and the financial concepts explained in the videos updated in YouTube are really worth watching for everyone. I would not hesitate to say that because of Ambition I scored well and was ranked in the top 5 for TY.BFM in K.J. Somaiya College and I am really grateful to them. I would recommend all to join Ambition Learning Solutions.

    — Mansi Shah

  • Teaching was top notch and organized with great exposure on practical knowledge. Full time support was always given to us for any query or issue. Kirtan Sir has always been a mentor, It was a great experience to learn from him.

    — Nikita Valia


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