SK Somaiya - Investor Forum


Date: 18th September 2012
With the idea to create awareness about the financial markets and the ART OF INVESTING being a good/future investor, as an initiative the Investor Forum, a club that was formed by TYBFM students of S.K.Somiya College was entirely guided and sponsored by FPA.The club was launched on 18th September 2012, where in Mr Yogesh Gupta,Founder & Chairman of SRE Group along with Principal Dr. Sangita Kohli, BFM coordinator Prof. Shruti Chavarkar were the key note speakers.
By launch of the club, managed by students body, S.K.Somiya College have set the example of involving students into the initiatives which will teach their students the basics of Investments by doing it actually at this age, make them responsible and informed investors of Future.
The 4 main pillars of this club were to help students with:
1. Basics of Finance
2. Industry Exposure (bridging the gap between theory and practice)
3. Placements
4. Appropriate Educational Qualifications
We received immense support & cooperation not only from the students but also from the teachers and management of the college to carry out activities smoothly for the benefit of all interested students.
This was indeed a great opportunity to interact with students on a one to basis and thus guide them suitably to pursue further studies based on their aptitude and liking.