Comprehensive Financial Plan Writing using Excel

Who can Pursue this course:

All the Undergraduates, Graduates(Non Finance and Finance Backgrounds), Those who are keen to make a career in Equity, Advisory, Broking etc.

Duration of the programme

2 days (2*7 Hours Programme)

Course Content

Day 1

1) Foundations of Financial Planning Practice - 2 hours

  • Six Step process in Financial Planning and its practical aspect.
  • Current Financial Services Industry Value Chain in India.
  • What includes in Comprehensive Financial Plan?
  • Financial Planning Opportunity in India.
  • Understanding your role as Financial Planner.
  • Understanding of ‘Why clients do not plan’ and ‘why they need your help’.
  • Parameters, on the basis of which, client select the financial planner.

2) Data Collection along with Articulation of Financial Goals - 2 hours

  • Role of Financial Planner in Data Gathering and Goal Setting.
  • Understanding the Data Collection Sheet.
  • Formulation of goals and helping clients with goal setting & goal articulation.
  • Filling up the dummy Data Sheet.

3) Understanding Basic Calculations and functions in Excel - 3 hours

  • Understanding the J-curve
  • Compound versus Annual Returns
  • Vintage year returns
  • IRRs
  • Multiples – TVPI, DPI, etc.
  • Median returns
  • Upper quartile returns
  • Pooled returns
  • Time-weighted returns
  • Valuation

Day 2

4) Construction of Comprehensive Financial Plan - 5 Hours

  • Analysis of Data gathering sheet
  • Analysis of Cash flow statement
  • Analysis of Net worth statement
  • How to calculate Emergency Fund?
  • Working and analysis of Goals, Dreams & Financial responsibilities
  • Working on Retirement Planning
  • Working on Insurance and Risk Planning
  • Investment Analysis and Suggested Asset allocation
  • Writing Financial Plan for the clients

5) Presentation of Financial Plan - 1 Hour

6) Recommendation and Action Plan - 1 Hour

The timings given here are for illustrative purpose, the actual time taken per topic may vary during the workshop.

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