“Beyond the Walls” – Entrepreneurship Programme

Who can Pursue this course:

All the Undergraduates, Graduates and Post Graduates (MBA in HR, Finance, Operations, Retail, Marketing)

  • Duration of the programme
  • 5 Days (5*4hours programme)
Course Content

Day 1 & Day 2

  • Why entrepreneurship?
  • Creating an effective atmosphere for young entrepreneurs
  • Why India needs Entrepreneurs
  • For or Against
  • Pre requisites for becoming an entrepreneur
  • “Vitamin “ of every Successful Business Plan

Day 3

  • Sources of Finance and Capital for a start up
  • Open Discussion with various corporate professionals & domain expertise people like Venture Capitalists, PEs and the participants of the programme
  • Sectorial Beta Impact
  • Portfolio Management & Investment Planning
  • A Traders Perspective

Day 4 & 5

  • Can a Business run without a business Plan
  • What is an Ideal Business Plan?
  • Discussion of a Business Model.
  • Followed by Open Discussion by Speakers from PSU Banks and VCs and PEs.

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