Financial Markets for Beginners

Who can Pursue this course

All the Undergraduates, Graduates (Non Finance and Finance Backgrounds), Those who are keen to make a career in Equity, Advisory,Broking etc.

Duration of the programme

1 Day (1*6 hours Programme)

Course Content

1. Introduction

2. Background and History of Indian Stock Markets

3. Equity Investment Process

  • Broking, Demat & Bank accounts

4. Understanding Capital Markets

  • Primary & Secondary Markets
  • Fund raising requirements for companies

5. Initial Public Offering (IPO)

  • What is a Share?
  • Understanding Face Value, Premium,Issue Price
  • Equity Dilution
  • Types of Issues
  • How to research companies presenting an IPO
  • Filling and IPO form, categories of investors

6. Secondary Markets (Stock Exchanges)

  • Investing Process
  • Exchanges – NSE, BSE
  • Market Participants
  • Trading v/s Investments
  • What moves share prices
  • Price v/s Value

7. Understanding ODIN Trading terminal screen & Trading – Bid/Ask

8. Research Methods

  • Understanding a Business TV ChannelScreen
  • What to look for in a Business Newspaper
  • Understanding the NSE website
  • How to save time when you read an Annual Report
  • Difference between Fundamental and Technical Analysis

9. Golden rules of Investing and Trading in Stock Markets

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