Financial Modeling

Who can Pursue this course:

All the Undergraduates, Graduates(Non Finance and Finance Backgrounds), Those who are keen to make a career in Equity, Advisory, Broking etc.

Duration of the programme
  • Module I : 30 Hrs (6 days) of comprehensive training
  • Module II : 20 Hrs (4 days) of comprehensive training
Course Content

Module I - 1. Valuation Modeling

  • Understanding Integrated Financial Models
  • Scenario Analysis
  • Excel Efficiency Shortcuts and formulae
  • Cash and Interest Revolver
  • Building Historical Financial Statements
  • Ratio Analysis
  • Projecting Financial Statements
  • Valuation DCF and Comps

2. Merger & Acquisition (M&A) Analysis

  • Building Merger Inputs
  • Stock and Cash Mix Deal
  • Contribution Analysis
  • Accretion and Dilution
  • Sample Model

3. Project Finance Modeling

  • Understanding Date functions
  • Modeling Cash flow waterfall
  • Delays in Projects
  • Circular references and modeling IDC

Module II - 1. Macros for Financial Modeling

  • Using advanced functions like Offset, Index
  • Modeling using Named Ranges
  • Advanced lookups using Index and Match
  • Modeling synergies using Solver
  • Download case on Offset for scenarios
  • Case study - Monte Carlo Simulation

2. Advanced Functions for Financial

  • Writing & Recording Macros
  • Working with cells and ranges in VB
  • Using Excel Form Controls for flexible GUI
  • Case study - Breaking circular loops
  • Understanding VBE

3. Advanced Charting and Dashboarding Techniques

  • Creating flexible charts
  • Creating waterfall chart
  • Creating dashboard using charts
  • Creating football field
  • Download Charts

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