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Free Seminar on "CFP as a Career", 21 May 2012

"There is no security in life, only opportunity."

-Mark Twain

FPA gives an opportunity to the aspirants who seek professional qualification and a mark which is been accredited accross 23 countries and know as the higesht qualification in the Financial Services sector. This mark is the most prestigious, recognized and respected globally by the Financial community.

Take your step towards the life time opportunity to know about this mark and how FPA can help you achive your goals. This Seminar is not restricted to any specific background qualification, but would be beneficial for those who want to climb the Corporate ladder, Entrepreneur or students aspiring to make careers in Financial Services sector.

We have organized a free Seminar on "CFP as a Career" on 26th May, 2012 at our Borivali Center.

To know more on the Seminar and book your seat talk to our Counselors now: (022) 22797 308 / 385 / 397 /  402 / 404 or Click here

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